Emilien Domenge-Héritier

Front-End Web Developer at Rakuten, Paris | French IT engineer graduated from ESIEE PARIS | %s years of experience in web and software development

About me

I'm a French engineer, born in a small town called Chambéry.

Since I was a little child, I am in love with IT because I'm always enthusiastic about its evolution and how it impacts our life. Throughout my teenage, dreaming to be a high level engineer, I was getting more and more motivation which helped me to go forward in my studies.

I had succeeded to join the ESIEE PARIS engineering school where I discovered programming languages and was inspired by them. I graduated in September 2016 as an IT engineer in the field of Information Systems.

I have %s years of IT experience in web and software development. I'm always working with diverse types of environment (windows/macOS) and developing applications for any devices (computers/iOS + Android phones).

Years Old


Car & Motorcycle driving licence

Paris, France

CV - Resume

Last Update : July 2018.


Front-End Web Developer Engineer

Maintaining legacy web code and developing a new platform based on ReactJS/Redux framework. Working in team with Agile SCRUM methodology. More info here.


August 2018 - Now
Paris, France

Agile Software Engineer

Developing, including testing, of solutions which optimize spend requests and goods/services ordering by eliminating manual processing steps. Working as a team member of a SCRUM team in coordination with the Product Owner and the other members.


September 2016 - July 2018
Lyon, France

5th (last) Year Study's Final Internship - Software Engineering

Developed a web application in Javascript using Node.js, AngularJS, Express.js and MongoDB. Technologies selection, technical and functional design, developement, unit test and production.

EDF (Électricité de France)

February - August 2016
Lyon, France

4th Year Study's Internship - VBA Developer

Built a managing/consulting application for company's warehouses. Started from conception until production including documentations, autonomous project.

RTE (Réseau Transport Électrique)

April - July 2015
Grenoble, France

3rd Year Study's Project - Android Application

Built an Android application for smartphone/tablet devices using 'Scrum' agile managing method. Developed UI and optimizing performances.


April - June 2014
Paris, France


Master of Information Systems Management

3 years at the engineering school of technological innovations


2013 - 2016

Course of Informatic Technologies at Czech Technical University

Semester of ERASMUS Exchange in Prague – CTU, IT Faculty

CTU in Prague

September 2015 - February 2016

National Competitive Engineering Entrance exams

Mathematics and Physics specialisations

Vaugelas Highschool

2011 - 2013

Scientific Bachelor

National Diploma

Granier Highschool

2009 - 2011


English : TOEIC received in 2015 (Score : 800)

Russian : Basic knowledge

Spanish : Basic knowledge

My Strengh

Technical Skills

(Percentage of my overall experience in each category, out of 100%)

Web development


TypeScript, Node.js, AngularJS, JQuery, ReactJS, Express, Highcharts, Jasmine, Mocha + Chai + Sinon


Symfony Framework


Bootstrap, Font Awesome

Software development


.NET Framework, Visual Studio, Selenium


Excel + Word macros, user interfaces


Mobile development


Ionic Framework, Cordova


Ionic Framework, Swift, Xcode

Database Management System

Big Data

Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, MongoDB, Mongoose

Relational DB

MySQL, PostgreSQL

Development tools

Control systems, toolkits

Git, SourceTree, Mercurial, TortoiseSVN, Jenkins, HyperV , Yeoman, Gulp, Crystal report

Other languages...

PowerShell, Bash, Markdown, LDAP, custom programming languages

Computing platform





I like to work on both mobile and web projects. I can provide modeling, design, conception and quality of a project. I'm also able to ensure administration and maintenance of IT systems.


I analyze useful/community approved working methods to design, develop or improve a computer system adapted to users needs. I am always tracking new possibilities and new technologies.


I follow web design trendings to be always up to date on how a modern website should be. I like to make some projects to try new designs and I appreciate when my job require artistic skills.


I'm always listening and interacting with my audience, whether they are users, customers or coworkers. I like to work with people from other nationalities.

Team worker

I know good practices to work in team in an efficient way. My previous experiences guarantee that I'm contributing to build a strong team spirit and a good intern communication in order to reach goals.


My internships allowed me to be organized, anticipative and resourceful, according company requirements. I am responsible and I know how to work on a project from beginning until the end.

Customer sensitive

I'm mindful and attentive to the customer's feedback. It helps to provide great and real services. I do my best to know the ins and outs of how the product works, just like a customer who uses it everyday. I write my code always with this in mind.


One of my goals is an international professional career. I see many benefits working abroad: obtaining wider experience and developing new skills. Moreover, my technical knowledge, resourcefulness and resilience allow me to go this way.

Agile (Scrum/Less)

I discovered agile methods during my studies thanks to a certified person. I'm actually working with a SCRUM team and I'm satisfied by applying these ideas because they fit my vision of how work management should be in a company.


I like to share my ideas on new features, methods or products. I experiment by making some tests in order to see if this can improve our daily work and life.

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